Through the Woods


Through the Woods is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Emily Carroll. Is she related to Lewis Carroll? No, according to my extensive research (a “Is Emily Carroll related to Lewis Carroll?” Google search yielded no results)

Have a look at the awards/ nominations:

  • Bram Stoker Award Nominee for Best Graphic Novel (2014)
  • Milwaukee County Teen Book Award (2015)
  • Green Carnation Prize Nominee for Longlist (2014)
  • Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for Best Graphic Album-Reprint (2015)

The eerie cover gives you an idea of what’s to come. A limited palette of black and white with a splotch of red reminiscent of what lies beneath our skins and what we’re afraid to expose. This book consists of five spooky short stories which come to life with Emily’s haunting artwork. If one were to simply narrate the stories, it would be quite a damp squib. Sample this marvelous art:


One of my favourite stories was “My Friend Janna”, a story about two friends who would “speak to the dead”.


What makes this collection of stories even more riveting is that they’re loose-ended. And I love stories like that, which leave room for imagination. I would suggest you to steer clear of it if you like your stories with a definite ending.

Before you buy it, have a look at her website and you’ll get a fair idea if you’ll like it or not.

And here’s one of the stories featured in her book.


Recommended for: Lovers of short stories, horror and beautiful art

Rating: 6.8/ 10


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