The Arrival


“The Arrival” is a graphic novel written by Shaun Tan. What makes this book even more interesting is that it’s devoid of words. Which is a refreshing change really, it forces you to look at the illustrations and read more into the subtle strokes of the writer’s deft pen.

The book isn’t just stripped off of words, you will find that colors are absent too. Each page is sepia toned, which makes you feel like you’re leafing through an old book handed down over the generations. Some pages look like they’re weathered by age. Have a look:


“The Arrival” is a story of an immigrant. The places are entirely fictitious, so are the languages. So much so that everything looks other-worldly.


You can read more about the work and the sensibility of the book here. TakeĀ a gander at his home page, it’s a fun page to poke around and discover more of his books!


Recommended for: fans of graphic novels and beautiful illustrations

Rating: 8.8/ 10